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Agrimonia eupitoria

Use this herb for:


  • Mild astringent

  • Bitter

  • Tissue healing

  • Venous tonic

  • Mild diarrhea

  • Inflammation in the stomach & colon

  • Canker sores

  • IBS

  • Stimulating digestion

  • Sore throats

  • Topically for:

    • Wounds

    • Cuts

    • Bruises

    • Varicose veins

  • Rheumatism



  • Tannins

  • Luteolin, Apigenin & Quercetin

  • Bitter compounds

  • Vitamins B & K

  • Minerals Silica & Iron


Sweet, astringent, drying; cooling


For the torpid, relaxed and constricted tissue states.


Agrimony has a long history of use that can be dated back 2000 years and is found in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the middle east and in the Western Tradition. 


It can seem paradoxical that a plant acts to astringe tissue but also energetically relaxes tension.  This plant will often find its way in to therapeutic formulas in energetic size doses.  This might be the perfect herb for the person who deals with excess stress (tension, heat) that aggravates digestion specifically looser stool (heat, water).  Tierra connects Agrimony as a plant ally with the 5 of cups which is astrologically connected to Mars in Scorpio. This is one of many combinations of fire and water. A perfect plant for the inward fear and anxiety of the deep waters needing the leadership, drive and courage of fiery Mars.


It is said that Agrimony was used in protection spells and to banish negative energies.


This plant grows easily like many medicinal plants and can be found in compact soils, depleted soils, high growth areas and wet soils.  It is found in across North America, Europe and Asia.  The plant will grow in part shade to full sun and will bloom from June to September. The plant is harvested while in bloom during a full moon.


Avoid if constipated and concurrent along side supplementation.

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