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Asparagus racemosus

Use this herb for:


  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Antibacterial

  • Immune modulation

  • Increase milk supply with breast feeding

  • Sexual tonic/Aphrodisiac

  • Helps increase sperm production

  • Expectorant

  • Helps relieve diarrhea

  • Staunches bleeding

  • Can be used for fertility enhancement and for sexual debility

  • As a galactogogue to help bring on milk production during chest feeding

  • May be used to soothe irritated and dry lung tissue

  • May be used to soothe irritated tissues of the kidneys and digestive tract

  • May be used for vaginal dryness and leucorrhoea in menopause



  • Steroidal saponins: Shatavarin, sarasapogenin, diosgenin

  • Alkaloids: Asparagamine

  • Mucilage


Sweet, bitter, warming, acrid moist

Highly regarded in the traditional Ayurvedic medicine for its rejuvenating action on the female reproductive system. This plant moves quickly through the body adding heat.  The acrid sensation in the back of the throat lingers adding to the heating component of this plant.

The plant quickly draws the image of the Queen of Disks - feminine, fertile nourishing and building.


Grows abundantly in southern Asia near Sri Lanka, India and the Himalaya prefering growing zone 9.


Saponins can affect the gut mucosa causing nausea.  This plant can be taken with food to offset this.

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